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4 weeks of Movement / Mindfulness / Breath Work 12 zoom video calls x 60min each ⏰

  • 1 h

Service Description

Explore how you can move the body in a conscious, appreciative way. All done from the comfort of your Home , as you wont have to commute, lose time in traffic and pay for petrol or gym memberships. With UNPACK YOURSELF you receive guidance on all the main modalities that impact your life: 1) Physical Body / Health through Body Activations : Movements 2) Mindset & Mental Health by Mindfulness Practises & Meditations 3) Rediscover the Breath as you can control your own Nervous System as you wish. and done over a course of 4 weeks you will not only see results, you will feel how much healthier in body mind and spirit you have become 💜 As we incorporate strength exercises with a mindful approach, using correctly our breath. Every session lasts 60min in which you will experience a transformation of the physical body, your mindset and you will start connecting with the power of your breath! Piotr will guide you, correct your form and give you plenty of reassurance to keep progressing and finding the mind/body relationship that you have been seeking for. 🧡 Each session is recorded and given to you as a BONUS replay link which you can view anytime to correct your form and return to the practises. 🧡 We will have a free discovery call beforehand and you will receive lifestyle questtionaires so that these sessions will be tailored to your needs, goals and dreams. 🧡

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